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Table 2 Microglia depletion models

From: Microglia in the developing retina

ModelsApproachDepletion age and efficiencyReferences
Cx3cr1CreER; Csf1rF/FTamoxifen administered by oral gavage at E9.5, E11.5, and E13.5E14 (70%)Anderson et al. 2019 [67]
Pu.1 -/- (Sfpi−/−)Genetic knockoutE14 (98%)Kierdorf et al. 2013 [14]
TGF-β −/−Genetic knockoutE10.5 (98%)Butovsky et al. 2014 [58]
Csf1r-/-Genetic knockoutE12.5 (98%)Ginhoux et al. 2010 [9]
Csf1rΔFIRE/ΔFIREGenetic knockoutE12.5 (95%)Rojo et al. 2019 [59]
CSF1R inhibitorPLX5622 administered to pregnant dam at E3.5E15.5 (99%)Rosin et al. 2018 [60]
CX3CR1CreER-iDTRTamoxifen and diphtheria toxin administered alternately (IP)P6 (60%), P10 (95%), P14 (98%)Puñal et al. 2019 [61]
CD11b-DTRInject diphtheria toxin (25ng/g dose, IP) twice at a 12h intervalP3 (10%)Ueno et al. 2013 [62]