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Table 1 Description of the MoD in the three models with loss of proliferative capacity

From: Timing the spinal cord development with neural progenitor cells losing their proliferative capacity: a theoretical analysis

MoD Type Effect Present in model
G→(G,G) Symmetric proliferative Proliferative GGA, GAA, GAN
G→(G,A) Asymmetric self-renewing Proliferative GGA
G→(A,A) Symmetric consumptive Proliferative GAA
G→(A,N) Asymmetric consumptive Neurogenic GAN
G→(N,N) Symmetric consumptive Neurogenic PN
A→(A,N) Asymmetric self-renewing Neurogenic GGA, GAA, GAN
A→(N,N) Symmetric consumptive Neurogenic GGA, GAA, GAN
  1. In symmetric divisions, the two daughter cells display the same identity. In asymmetric divisions, the two daughter cells have different identities. In self-renewing divisions, one of the daughter cells has the same identity as the mother cell. In consumptive divisions, the two daughter cells differ in identity from the mother cell. In neurogenic divisions, at least one daughter cell is a neuron