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Fig. 7

From: Ensheathing cells utilize dynamic tiling of neuronal somas in development and injury as early as neuronal differentiation

Fig. 7

Proliferation of ensheathing cells is correlated with DRG sensory neuron expansion. (a). Confocal z-projection images of a Tg(sox10:eos) zebrafish with a single ensheathing cell photoconverted at 2 dpf. Images were taken at 2 and 3 dpf. Dashed outlines denote Tg(sox10:eos) photoconverted+ cells. (b). Schematic summary of the use of photoconversion in the proliferation of ensheathing cells. (c). Confocal z-projection images of Tg(ngn1:gfp) zebrafish stained with Sox10 at 2–4 dpf. (d). Ratio of the number Sox10+ cells to the number of neurons in a DRG at 2–4 dpf (n = 16 DRG). (e). Number of Sox10+ cells and neurons present in the DRG at 2–4 dpf (n = 16 DRG). (f). Confocal z-projection images of a Tg(ngn1:gfp); Tg(sox10:eos) 4 dpf zebrafish with photoconverted Eos and stained with Sox10 and DAPI. Bottom row is rotated 90°. Dashed outlines denote neuronal somas. D denotes dorsal, L denotes lateral, V denotes ventral, and M denotes medial. Scale bar is 10 μm (a, c, f)

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