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Fig. 9

From: Analysis of novel caudal hindbrain genes reveals different regulatory logic for gene expression in rhombomere 4 versus 5/6 in embryonic zebrafish

Fig. 9

Proposed model depicting the GRN in the caudal hindbrain. Black arrows and bars represent regulatory relationships known prior to this study. Green arrows and red T bars represent relationships uncovered in this study. In this model, arrows (activating) and T bars (repressive) indicate interactions that have been observed, they do not indicate whether the interactions are direct or indirect. All r4 genes regulated by hoxb1b + RA are grouped in the purple box. Within r4, dusp2, dusp6 and spry1 are regulated by FGF signaling (yellow box). hnf1ba represses dusp6, spry1 and egfl6 expression while gbx1 expression is repressed in r4 by hoxb1a. All r5/r6 genes (light blue box) are regulated by RA, FGF, hnf1ba and valentino. Red star next to RA, FGFs, hoxb1b, hoxb1a, hnf1ba and valentino represent the key regulators of the caudal hindbrain – without these factors r4-r6 does not form properly

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