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Fig. 7

From: Analysis of novel caudal hindbrain genes reveals different regulatory logic for gene expression in rhombomere 4 versus 5/6 in embryonic zebrafish

Fig. 7

gas6, gbx1, sall4, egfl6, celf2 and greb1l function is not required for r4-r6 formation. ISH for hindbrain markers (i) hoxb1a (blue, r4) and krox20 (red r3/5), (ii) pax2 (MHB), krox20 (r3/5) and hoxd4a (r7-anterior spinal cord), and immunostaining for neuronal markers detecting (iii) abducens motor neurons (four green dots in white boxes) in r5/r6 and (iv) Mauthner neurons (white arrows) in r4 was carried out on embryos collected from an a cross of WT fish, b cross of hoxb1a heterozygous mutants, c cross of gas6 homozygous mutants, d cross of gbx1 heterozygous mutants, e cross of greb1l homozygous mutants, f cross of a celf2 heterozygous and a homozygous mutant, g cross of egfl6 heterozygous mutants and h cross of sall4 homozygous mutants. All embryos are oriented in dorsal view with anterior to the top. Embryos collected at 14hpf and 18hpf were imaged as whole-mounts. 48hpf embryos were flat-mounted for imaging

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