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Fig. 5

From: Afadin controls cell polarization and mitotic spindle orientation in developing cortical radial glia

Fig. 5

Shown is a schematic of cortical organization at E13.5 in control (left panel) and Afadin mutant (right panel). Afadin restricts apicobasal complexes and primary cilium at the apical membrane of radial glial progenitors. Cell division plans are mainly vertical, tangentially expanding the progenitor pool. In Mllt4 knockout brains (right panel), random diffusion of AJ and apicobasal polarity-associated proteins is allowed, disrupting cell division orientation and triggering progenitor delamination, and premature fate determination. Disruption of the radial glial scaffold [18] allows random dispersion throughout the cortical wall VZ: ventricular zone; SVZ: subventricular zone; CP: cortical plate

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