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Fig. 3

From: Afadin controls cell polarization and mitotic spindle orientation in developing cortical radial glia

Fig. 3

Afadin deletion leads to increased generation of apical and intermediate progenitors in the dorsal telencephalon. a - c Cortical layers are clearly defined in control brains (upper panels) including relative positions of apical progenitors (Pax6+) and intermediate progenitors (Tbr2+) in the ventricular and subventricular zones, respectively. Localization of these two precursor populations is increasingly disrupted in the mutant between E12.5 and E15.5 (lower panels) with widespread mislocalization of both cell types throughout most of the cortex in the mutant at E15.5. pp, preplate; svz, subventricular zone; vz, ventricular zone; iz, intermediate zone; sp, subplate; cp, cortical plate. d, e Statistical analyses of (d) apical and (e) intermediate progenitor numbers from E12.5 to E17.5 reveal that both progenitor populations see their number increase. f The fraction of Pax6+ cells double-labeled with Tbr2 increases as well at E15.5, indicating an enhanced transition from the apical to intermediate progenitor state following Afadin deletion (mean ± s.e.m. Unpaired t-test; n = 3 animals, 2 images per embryo). Scale bars: 20 μm (a, b); 50 μm (c)

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