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Figure 5

From: Dynamics of degeneration and regeneration in developing zebrafish peripheral axons reveals a requirement for extrinsic cell types

Figure 5

Hair cells remain viable during Wallerian degeneration. Top panel: A single neuromast of a three dpf double transgenic neuroD::GFP/brn3c::GFP larva expressing GFP in axons and hair cells was imaged for the first 10 hours after axotomy. At six hours postaxotomy, the nerve had degenerated and one hair cell had died (red arrowhead). Lower panel: total number of hair cells in the first neuromast at three and six hours postaxotomy (hpa); pLL degeneration did not significantly alter hair cell numbers. *Two-way ANOVA, P >0.05. Scale bar 50 μm.

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