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Figure 2 | Neural Development

Figure 2

From: The F-box protein Cdc4/Fbxw7 is a novel regulator of neural crest development in Xenopus laevis

Figure 2

xCdc4 expression overlaps with expression of markers of neural crest and placodes. (A-R) Comparison of xCdc4 developmental expression (A,G,M) with the expression of neural crest and placodal gene markers in stage 15/16 (B-F), 18/19 (H-L) and 21/22 (N-R) embryos, as labeled. Asterisk indicates premigratory cranial crest; b, branchial crest; Cc, cranial neural crest; di, diencephalons; dlp, dorsolateral placodal area; Hg, hatching gland; h, hyoid crest; m, mandibular crest; me, mesencephalon; Nc, neural crest; Olf P, olfactory placode; Opt P, optic placode; plp, presumptive lens placode; pOlf P, presumptive olfactory placode; ppe, preplacodal ectoderm; pop, presumptive optic placode; s, somites; tel, telencephalon; TNc, trunk neural crest; yellow arrowhead, neural plate border region of the prospective rhombencephalon. Anterior view, dorsal up, stages as indicated.

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