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Table 2 Primary antibodies used for immunohistochemistry

From: Neuronal Dystroglycan regulates postnatal development of CCK/cannabinoid receptor-1 interneurons

Target Host species Dilution Source Catalog # RRID
α-Dystroglycan (IIH6C4) Mouse 1:200 Millipore 05–593 AB_309828
Calbindin Rabbit 1:4000 Swant CB38 AB_10000340
Calretinin Rabbit 1:4000 Swant CG1 AB_2619710
CB1R Guinea pig 1:2000 Synaptic Systems 258–104 AB_2661870
Cux1 Rabbit 1:250 Santa Cruz Biotech sc-13,024 AB_2261231
GFAP Mouse 1:1000 Millipore MAB360 AB_2109815
NECAB1 Rabbit 1:2000 Sigma HPA023629 AB_1848014
Parvalbumin Goat 1:2000 Swant PVG-213 AB_2650496
Somatostatin Rabbit 1:2000 Peninsula Labs T-4103 AB_518614
tdTomato Goat 1:1000 Biorbyt orb182397 AB_2687917
VGlut3 Rabbit 1:2000 Synaptic Systems 135–203 AB_887886