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Table 1 Known factors that regulate microglia formation or survival

From: Microglia in the developing retina

PU.1Mice were devoid of microglia in the absence of PU.1 due to a reduction in early myeloid progenitors.McKercher et al. 1996 [7]
CSF1RCsf1r knockout mice showed no microglia formation.Dai et al. 2002 [8]
Ginhoux et al. 2010 [9]
Bruttger et al. 2015 [10]
TLR4TLR4-deficient mice display reduced numbers of microglia in the retina.Dando et al. 2016 [11]
Noailles et al. 2019 [12]
IRF8IRF8-deficient mice display reduced numbers of microglia during both development and adulthood.Holtschke et al. 1996 [13]
Kierdorf et al. 2013 [14]