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Table 1 Antibodies for Immunohistochemistry

From: Cellular properties of intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells during postnatal development

Genotype Primary Solution Secondary Solution
Opn4-GFP (post-recording pieces) Streptavidin 488 (Thermo, S11223), mouse anti-SMI32 (BioLegend, 801,701), goat anti-ChAT (Milipore, AB144P) Streptavidin 488, donkey anti-mouse (Thermo, A31571), donkey anti-goat (Thermo, A-11056)
Opn4 Cre/+ ;ZEG rabbit anti-GFP (Thermo, A11122), mouse anti-SMI32 goat anti-rabbit (Thermo, A11034), goat anti-mouse (Thermo, A21125)
Opn4 LacZ/+ ;Opn4-GFP chicken anti-Beta galactosidase (Invitrogen, A11132), rabbit anti-GFP goat anti-chicken (Thermo, SA172000), goat anti-rabbit (Thermo, A-11035)
Opn4LacZ/+ & Opn4Cre/+ Mouse anti-Brn3a (Milipore, MAB1585), goat anti-ChAT Donkey anti-mouse, donkey anti-goat
  1. All primary and secondary solutions are 0.3% Triton-X and 6% goat or donkey serum. With the exception of ChAT, all primary and matching secondary were done at 1:500 dilutions. ChAT and corresponding secondary were done at 1:250