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Fig. 3

From: Persistent motor dysfunction despite homeostatic rescue of cerebellar morphogenesis in the Car8 waddles mutant mouse

Fig. 3

Car8wdl cerebella have a normal lobule pattern but are smaller at P5. (a-e) Whole mount images of control and Car8wdl cerebella at ages P5, P10, P15, P20, and adult (> 2 months) show normal lobulation in both groups. The scale bar represents 2 mm. (f-j) H&E stained tissue sections at ages P5 (n = 4 controls, 3 mutants), P10, P15, P20, and adult (> 2 months; P10-Adult n = 12 controls, 14 mutants) suggest a reduction in Car8wdl cerebellar size at P5 compared to its age-matched control. The scale bar represents 1 mm. (k-o) Overlay images to compare control (blue) and Car8wdl (red) cerebellar tissue sections show a transient reduction in overall cerebellar size at P5, but then is recovered by P10. The scale bar represents 1 mm

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