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Fig. 2

From: Persistent motor dysfunction despite homeostatic rescue of cerebellar morphogenesis in the Car8 waddles mutant mouse

Fig. 2

Purkinje cell firing is irregular in awake, behaving Car8wdl mice. (a) A schematic showing a cerebellar recording in an awake mouse. (b) Example recordings from control (n = 9 cells from 3 mice) and Car8wdl mutant (n = 10 cells from 4 mice) Purkinje cells using metal electrodes for extracellular recordings. Examples of complex spikes are labeled with asterisks. (c) The overall regularity and local spike-to-spike regularity are severely disrupted in Car8wdl mice. These measures reflect the highly irregular activity of the mutant Purkinje cells. Abbreviations: Simple spike coefficient of variation, SS CV; Simple spike coefficient of variation of adjacent intervals, SS CV2. ** p < 0.01; **** p < 0.0001; Student’s t-test; mean ± SEM

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