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Table 2 Summary of transmission and viability of mutant lines

From: Analysis of novel caudal hindbrain genes reveals different regulatory logic for gene expression in rhombomere 4 versus 5/6 in embryonic zebrafish

Gene name F0 generation F1 generation F2 generation
gas6 5 fish screened, 2 founders Founder 1: 12/60 carried mutations; transmitted 4 different alleles, each resulting in a frame-shift mutation Founder 2: 0/92 carried mutations 5/16 homozygous mutant
gbx1 2 fish screened, 2 founders, Founder 1: 34/48 carried mutations; transmitted 4 different alleles – 2 resulted in frame-shift mutations, 2 did not Founder 2: did not produce offspring 0/15 homozygous mutant
sall4 N/A a8/24 5/21 homozygous mutant
greb1l N/A a10/24 5/34 homozygous mutant
celf2 N/A a12/24 b1/21 homozygous mutant
egfl6 N/A a16/24 c6/24 homozygous mutant
  1. aZIRC provided offspring of a F1 heterozygous carrier and a WT fish; thus, 50% should be heterozygous carriers
  2. b1 homozygous fish identified, it was crossed with a heterozygous sibling for all in situ analyses
  3. chomozygous mutants do not breed, all in situ analyses were thus done on crosses of heterozygous carriers