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Fig. 5

From: Tcf7L2 is essential for neurogenesis in the developing mouse neocortex

Fig. 5

Summary diagram illustrating a part of the anatomical structure of one hemisphere of the embryonic forebrain at E17. Expression gradient of Tcf7L2 in the VZ and adherens junctions lining the lateral ventricle (red line) are shown. Dashed line depicts outer boundary of SVZ. Canonical Wnt signalling through Tcf7L2 affects cell identity of radial glial cells in the VZ and their proliferation. Applied cellular markers of neuronal progenitors for distinct stages of neuronal differentiation in the cortex are listed. Cp: choroid plexus, Cx: cortex, Hi: hippocampus, DG: dentate gyrus, DT: dorsal thalamus, GE: ganglionic eminences, LV: lateral ventricle, SVZ: subventricular zone, VZ: ventricular zone

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