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Fig. 1

From: Tcf7L2 is essential for neurogenesis in the developing mouse neocortex

Fig. 1

Tcf7L1 and TCF7L2 expression in the cortical VZ. a in situ hybridization on coronal cortical sections from BAT-Gal mice using β-galactosidase probe shows medial-to-lateral gradient of Wnt signalling. b Immunohistochemistry of Tcf7L1 showing strong expression in the VZ at E15. c Immunohistoechistry of Tcf7L2 showing expression in the VZ and strong expression in the dorsal thalamus (DT). d Lef1 immunohistochemistry at E15 shows high expression in the medial cortical wall that is reciprocal to that of Tcf7L1 and Tcf7L2. e-g‘ Lineage tracing of D6-Cre/ROSA26 descendant cells in the neocortex at E13, E15 and newborns (P0) showing the Cre activity in the neocortex (Cx), hippocampus (Hi) and very weakly in the dentate gyrus (DG). h-m Immunohistochemistry with Tcf7L1 and Tcf7L2 antibodies at E15. Tcf7L1 is deleted in Tcf7L1fl/fl/Tcf7L2fl/fl double mutants but not in Tcf7L1fl/+/Tcf7L2fl/fl mutants while Tcf7L2 is deleted in both mutants documenting a high specificity of applied antibodies

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