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Fig. 7

From: Monocular enucleation alters retinal waves in the surviving eye

Fig. 7

Effect of enucleation on levels of pairwise RGC correlation for all activity and non-wave activity. Plots of STTC over distance for all retinae recorded for (a) all RGC activity and (b) non-wave activity. Plots of average STTC as a function of RGC pair distance for both conditions for (c) all recorded activity (T(738) = 2.56, P = 0.0105, linear mixed-effects model) and (d) non-wave activity (T(738) = 1.02, P = 0.310, linear-mixed effects model). Tick marks indicate cell pair distances included for STTC measures as constrained by the spatial organization of the MEA. Binocular, N = 401 distances, 13 retinae. Monocular, N = 341 distances, 11 retinae. Error bars are SEM. * = P < 0.05

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