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Fig. 6

From: Monocular enucleation alters retinal waves in the surviving eye

Fig. 6

Removing inter-eye competition reduces levels of pairwise RGC correlation during waves. a Illustration of the hypothesized effects of shortening burst duration on pairwise RGC correlation levels during waves. The gray shading is the offset time between bursts due to the propagation speed of a retinal wave. bs = burst spikes. cs = correlated spikes. Subscripts M and B signify monocular or binocular spikes. b Plot of STTC over distance for all retinae recorded. c Plot of average STTC as a function of RGC pair distance for both conditions (T(738) = 2.85, P = 0.00452, linear mixed-effects model). Tick marks indicate cell pair distances included for STTC measures as constrained by the spatial organization of the MEA. Binocular, N = 401 distances, 13 retinae. Monocular, N = 341 distances, 11 retinae. Error bars are SEM. ** = P < 0.01

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