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Fig. 10

From: FGF signaling controls Shh-dependent oligodendroglial fate specification in the ventral spinal cord

Fig. 10

FGF8 expression is activated in ventral neurons at the time of OPC specification. a-c Time course of fgf8 expression on transverse sections of brachial spinal cords isolated at E2.5 (a), E4 (b) and E5.5-E6 (c). d-f Immunodetection of Pax2 depicting spinal cord interneurons at E2.5 (d), E4 (c) and E5.5-E6 (d). Note that fgf8 expressing cells correspond to a subpopulation of Pax2-positive cells (circled in e, f). Scale bars = 50 μm in a, d and 100 μm in b, c, e, f

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