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Table 1 Primary antibodies used in this study

From: Transcriptional regulation of ependymal cell maturation within the postnatal brain

Antibody Host Source Dilution
Acetylated tubulin Mouse monoclonal Sigma-Aldrich, T7451 1/1000
FOXJ1 Mouse monoclonal eBioscience 1/1000
N-cadherin Rabbit polyclonal Abcam, ab18203 1/200
NFIX Rabbit polyclonal Abcam, ab101341 1/100
NFIX Mouse monoclonal Sigma-Aldrich, SAB1401263 1/200
s100β Mouse monoclonal Sapphire Bioscience, ab66028 1/400
Vimentin Rabbit polyclonal Abcam, ab92547 1/500