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Fig. 1

From: Novel functions of LHX2 and PAX6 in the developing telencephalon revealed upon combined loss of both genes

Fig. 1

Medial fates are expanded laterally upon loss of both LHX2 and PAX6. a-d E12.5 coronal sections of Control (a), Pax6 sey/sey (b), Lhx2 −/− (c), and Lhx2 −/− ;Pax6 sey/sey (d) were examined for the expression of medial cortical marker Wnt8b and septum marker Fgf17, which identify adjacent, non-overlapping regions of the medial telencephalon (open arrowheads mark the boundary between the two markers). In the double mutant, these medial markers together encompass the entire dorsal telencephalon (dashed line, d). Scale bar is 200 μm

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