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Fig. 4 | Neural Development

Fig. 4

From: Prdm13 forms a feedback loop with Ptf1a and is required for glycinergic amacrine cell genesis in the Xenopus Retina

Fig. 4

Prdm13 loss of function leads to a decrease in glycinergic but not GABAergic-amacrine cells. a Whole-mount in situ hybridization analysis of prdm13, glyt1, gad1 and vglut1 expression on stage 39/40 embryos injected with prdm13-M0 or control-MO. Lateral views of the head and transversal sections of the retinas are shown. The number of analysed embryos and the percentage of embryos with represented phenotypes are indicated in each panel. b Stage 39/40 sections following GABA or Glycine-immunostaining on control-MO and prdm13-MO injected embryos. Arrows point to Glycine-positive cells. c Quantification of the average number of GABA- or Glycine-positive cells per section. Number of analysed sections is indicated in each bar. Data are presented as mean ± SEM. p < 0.001 (***) (Mann-Whitney test). Scale bars represent 200 μm (whole mount), 100 μm (sections)

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