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Figure 4

From: Development and specification of cerebellar stem and progenitor cells in zebrafish: from embryo to adult

Figure 4

Quantification of the proliferative activity of cerebellar progenitors. The number of proliferating Nestin:egfp+ progenitors are significantly reduced during juvenile stages but notable progenitor activity is still detected in the adult and aging brain (P <0.001, n = 5). A significant loss of the proliferative activity of Ptf1a:DsRed+ and Olig2:egfp+ cells takes place during juvenile stage and the activity is almost exhausted in the adult (Ptf1a:DsRed: P <0.001, n = 7; Olig2:egfp: P <0.001, n = 5). The proliferating Olig2:egfp cells show a similar decline in the proliferative activity at the ventricle and in the brain parenchyma as the Ptf1a:DsRed+ cells.

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