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Figure 5

From: Novel genes upregulated when NOTCH signalling is disrupted during hypothalamic development

Figure 5

Summary of potential regulatory interaction model of gene regulation for neurogenesis in the hypothalamus revealed by in silico analysis and literature. (A) Schematic of mouse Hes5, Dll1, Robo2, Tagln3, Chga and Chrdl1 promoters showing the position of evolutionarily conserved binding motifs for HES5 (light green box), ASCL1 (red box), antagonist binding sites ASCL1/HEY1 (MHAM, red and green box) and ASCL1/NHLH1 (MNAM, red and orange box). Regulatory regions comprise 500 bp before to 100 bp after the transcription start site (+1, blue arrow). The schematic represents only the motifs that were conserved among several species. (B) Consensus chick and mouse box sequences from the literature and this study. (C) A model of interaction between the negative regulators HES5 and HEY1 and the positive regulators ASCL1 and NHLH1 based on the literature and present data. Activations are identified with a red arrow and repressions are identified with a green barred line. The purple arrow refers to the activation of NOTCH receptor by its ligand DLL1. (Bertrand, 2002; Gohkle, 2008, Castro, 2011, de la Pompa 1997, and present data)[13, 29, 34, 50].

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