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Figure 4

From: Novel genes upregulated when NOTCH signalling is disrupted during hypothalamic development

Figure 4

(A-F) Hamburger and Hamilton (HH)14, dissected chick neural tube. Expression of Notch pathway component, Hey1 (A,B), the proneural gene Ascl1 (C,D) and a new putative target gene, Tagln3 (E,F) in the hypothalamus compared to Shh expression at HH14. The figure shows that these three genes were similarly expressed in the rostral region of the hypothalamus (AH). (A,C,E) Lateral views with the rostral region on the left. (B,D,F) Ventral views of the corresponding embryos A, C, and E. Arrowheads show the patched expression of Hey1, Ascl1 and Tagln3. AH, anterior (rostral) hypothalamus; D, diencephalon; H, hypothalamus; LH, lateral hypothalamus, MH, mammillary region of the hypothalamus, T, telencephalon, TH, tuberal region of the hypothalamus.

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