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Figure 1

From: The transcription factor Uncx4.1 acts in a short window of midbrain dopaminergic neuron differentiation

Figure 1

The expression of Uncx4.1 in the developing mouse midbrain. (A) X-gal staining of Uncx4.1+/−embryo at E11.5. (B-E) Immunohistochemistry (IHC) on coronal (D, C, E) and sagittal (B) sections of wild-type embryos showing the expression of Uncx4.1 in the developing midbrain at E11.5 (B-C), E13.5 (D) and E17.5 (E). (B, C) At E11.5 Uncx4.1 is expressed in the whole mantle layer of the embryonic midbrain. (D, E) At E13.5 and E17.5 Uncx4.1 expression appears in a salt-and-pepper pattern with Uncx4.1-negative cells. The strongest Uncx4.1 expression can be detected in the basal plate. (F-H) Double IHC with anti-Uncx4.1 and anti-Tuj1 on coronal sections of a wild-type embryo at E11.5. (G, H) Showing higher magnifications of F, referring to the labeling in the white box. The white arrow marks an Uncx4.1-positve, Tju1-negative cell. E, embryonic day.

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