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Figure 2 | Neural Development

Figure 2

From: Synaptic profiles during neurite extension, refinement and retraction in the developing cochlea

Figure 2

Developmental changes in CtBP2/RIBEYE labelling in IHCs and OHCs between E18 and adult. A-F Maximal projection confocal images of the Organ of Corti in cross section illustrating the immunofluorescent localisation of CtBP2/RIBEYE-positive puncta (red) superimposed on transmitted light images for anatomical reference. Scale bar: 10 mm. G-L Fluorescence images of CtBP2/RIBEYE immunostaining, without the transmitted light images, to highlight the changes in CtBP2/RIBEYE over development. M,N Quantification of the changes in the number of CtBP2/RIBEYE puncta per (M) IHCs and (N) OHCs at P0, P3, P6, P12 and adult. *p < 0.05, ***p < 0.001.

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