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Figure 2

From: Dynamics of degeneration and regeneration in developing zebrafish peripheral axons reveals a requirement for extrinsic cell types

Figure 2

Leukocytes and Schwann cells contribute to axon degeneration in the axotomized posterior lateral line nerve. Length of lag phase (time from axotomy to fragmentation) and clearance phase (time from axotomy to axonal fragment removal) in minutes in control animals, animals lacking Schwann cells (AG1478 inhibitor and leo1 mutants), animals lacking leukocytes (spi1 MO) and animals lacking both cell types (spi1 MO + AG1478). The absence of leukocytes, but not Schwann cells, significantly prolonged the clearance phase (n = 10); however, combined depletion of leukocytes and Schwann cells restored the normal time course of debris clearance. *Significant difference, two-way ANOVA, P <0.05.

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