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Table 1 Comparison of odorant receptor gene expression in β3GnT2 −/− and WT OEs

From: Olfactory discrimination largely persists in mice with defects in odorant receptor expression and axon guidance

Odorant receptor null/WT
Olfr136 mOR256-7 3.0*
Olfr1370 mOR256-14 2.9
Olfr1259 mOR232-9 2.7
Olfr43 mOR125-1 2.6
Olfr599 mOR23-1 2.5
Olfr1122 mOR264-1 2.4
Olfr131 mOR256-4 2.3
Olfr715 mOR260-1 2.2
Olfr15 mOR256-17 1.9
Olfr156 OR37b 0.9
Olfr160 M72 0.8
Olfr151 M71 0.7
Olfr1264 mOR18 0.6
Olfr2 I7 0.5
Olfr640 mOR13-4 0.4
Olfr17 P2 0.3
Olfr1507 mOR28 0.2
  1. *Median values of the ratios obtained by dividing the gene array signal intensities from β3GnT2 null OEs by the signal intensities from WT OEs.