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Table 2 Selected set of lola-dependent genes from microarray analysis

From: A genome-wide analysis reveals that the Drosophila transcription factor Lola promotes axon growth in part by suppressing expression of the actin nucleation factor Spire

Axon patterning



   neural lazarillo

   Fasciclin III

   midline fasciclin




   CBP (sarcoplasmic Ca binding prot)



Cell and tissue polarity





Signaling proteins

   Cask (CaM kinase)


   rhoGAP 5A

   Target of Rapamycin


Microtubules and motors





Eye development









   twin of eyeless

   fat facets

   numb-associated kinasea


Cell death





   Nedd2-like caspase

  1. Analysis of the list of loci with altered expression in a lola mutant reveals a substantial number of characterized genes with known or plausible function in established lola-dependent processes. A selection of such loci is presented here. aGenes known to be associated with Notch signaling.