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Table 1 Mutants found in thalamocortical development screen

From: A forward genetic screen with a thalamocortical axon reporter mouse yields novel neurodevelopment mutants and a distinct emx2 mutant phenotype

Line Mutant Forebrain phenotype TCA phenotype Other phenotypes Map interval
(Chr: Mb)
Mutant gene
ND15 magoo Smaller overall, enlarged lat. ventricles Occasional ventral misrouting in vTel Craniofacial, microphthalmia 19: 32.0-35.9 ?
ND21 outtestine Slightly small cortex, OBs Normal Short limbs, omphalocoele 12: 101.8-104.5 GMAP210 [37]
ND33 bumpy Cobblestone surface Fascicles to ectopia outside pia Stunted tail Not maintained ?
ND58 baffled Slightly small cortex and OBs, round hippocampus Disorganized in vTel, some stalled at CSB Small kidneys, cleft palate, breathing defect 2: 33.8-34.8 ?
ND71 fuddle Enlarged lat.ventricles, hippocampal hypoplasia Ventral misrouting in vTel (partial) Iris coloboma, cleft palate 19: 20.4-37.3 ?
ND87 wanderer Small misshapen cortex and OBs Severe ventral misrouting near DTB onto ventral surface Kidney hypoplasia 19: 55-61.3 Emx2
ND91 sprawl Normal Overfasciculation, stalling Normal Not mapped ?
  1. All mutants except ND91 were perinatal lethal. Megabase positions based on NCBI build 37; see text for markers. CSB, corticostriatal boundary; DTB, diencephalon-telencephalon boundary; OB, olfactory bulb; vTel, ventral telencephalon.