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Table 1 Candidate targets of EBF activity

From: EBF factors drive expression of multiple classes of target genes governing neuronal development

Gene name Function FC1
pcdh8 Transmembrane protein 66 93a BC074360
nr2f2 Nuclear receptor TF 47 ND BC078057
wnt3a Wnt signaling ligand 45 ND L07538
peripherin Type III intermediate filament 37 32a BC056020
greb1 Estrogen-regulated gene 32 21b BC043838
hoxd10 Homeodomain TF 31 ND BC061944
nf-m Type IV intermediate filament 28 29b BC078128
kcnk5 K+ ion channel 27 6b BC084931
nscl-1 bHLH TF 26 7b BC084434
neurod bHLH TF 26 164b BC072996
en-2 Homeodomain TF 24 ND X62974
aml1 Runt-related TF 22 24a BC057739
activin beta b TGF-beta superfamily member 21 154b S61773
emx1 Homeodomain TF 16 15b BC077629
  1. The genes chosen for analysis are shown with their known functional roles. FC1 refers to the average fold change in expression by microarray analysis after DEX treatment for 4.5 hours compared to control, in four replicate experiments. FC2 refers to the fold change in expression after DEX treatment for 3 hours compared to control, as detected by RT-QPCR using independent samples (see Figure 6 and Additional file 6 for details). aPerformed three replicate experiments; bperformed once. FC, fold change; ND, not determined; TF, transcription factor.