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Table 1 Antibodies used in this study

From: Targeted electroporation of defined lateral ventricular walls: a novel and rapid method to study fate specification during postnatal forebrain neurogenesis

Antibody Species Concentration Source (catalogue number)
   αCB Rabbit 1:5,000 Swant (D-28K)
   αCR Rabbit 1:2,000 Swant (7699/4)
   αGFP Chicken 1:1,000 Abcam (Ab13970)
   αTH Mouse 1:500 Millipore (MAB 318)
   Biot. αchicken Donkey 1:1,000 Jackson (703-065-155)
   αMouse Alexa 555 Donkey 1:1,000 Invitrogen (A31570)
   αRabbit Alexa 555 Donkey 1:1,000 Invitrogen (A31572)
   αStreptavidin Alexa 488 Donkey 1:500 Invitrogen (532354)
  1. Swant (Marly, Fribourg, Switzerland)
  2. Abcam (Cambridge, County of Cambridgeshire, UK)
  3. Millipore (Billerica, Massachusetts, USA)
  4. Jackson (West Grove, Pennsylvania, USA)
  5. Invitrogen (Carlsbad, California, USA)