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Table 2 Table of antibodies

From: Meningeal cells and glia establish a permissive environment for axon regeneration after spinal cord injury in newts

Antigen Antibody type Company, catalogue number Dilution, format
CSPGs (chick) Mouse IgM mAb Sigma, C8035 (CS-56) 1/100, ascites
Tenascin-C (chick) Rabbit pAb Chemicon, AB19013 1/100, concentrate
Tenascin-C (newt) Mouse IgM mAb DSHB, MT1 1/25, concentrate
Fibronectin (newt) Mouse IgG mAb DSHB, MT4 1/50, concentrate
Collagen XII (newt) Mouse IgG1 mAb DSHB, MT2 1/50, concentrate
Laminin (mouse) Rabbit pAb Sigma, L9393 1/25, concentrate
Fibrin (human) Mouse IgG1 mAb ADI, 350 1/50, concentrate
Neurofilament associated protein (chick) Mouse IgG1 mAb DSHB, 3A10 1/50, supernatant
GFAP (cow) Rabbit pAb Dako, Z0334 1/200, concentrate
von Willebrand factor (human) Rabbit pAb Dako, A0082 1/400, concentrate
  1. ADI, American Diagnostica Inc.; DHSB, Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank; mAb, monoclonal antibody; pAb, polyclonal antibody.