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Table 1 Percentage of animals with decreased nerve fiber density

From: Nav2 is necessary for cranial nerve development and blood pressure regulation

Genotype Decreased nerve fiber density
Wild type 7% (2/27)
Homozygote 39% (37/95)
  1. Values shown in parentheses are the number of affected embryos over the total number of embryos evaluated; Z-score = -3.1; P-value ≤ 0.01. The determination of a decrease in nerve fiber density was made when an embryo showed an overall reduction in neurofilament staining in the region of the cranial nerves (V to XII) compared to wild type littermates. In addition, a subset of embryos (23 wild-type and 63 Nav2-/-) was also scored for reduction in staining in the mesencephalic tract and dorsal root ganglion neurons. A similar percentage of homozygote embryos showed a reduction of nerve fiber density in both regions (30%), whereas only 4% of the wild-type group was affected.