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Figure 11 | Neural Development

Figure 11

From: The F-box protein Cdc4/Fbxw7 is a novel regulator of neural crest development in Xenopus laevis

Figure 11

xCdc4ΔFbox impairs melanocyte development. xCdc4ΔFbox, xCdc4 or control GFP mRNA (0.5 ng) were injected into each of the two dorsal cells of four-cell-stage embryos. (A-C)Embryos were allowed to develop to stage 43 and subsequently the distribution and number of melanocytes were compared: xCdc4ΔFbox (A), xCdc4 (B) and GFP (C). (A-C) Representative embryos are shown (lateral views, anterior side right). (D)The average number of melanocytes for each condition was calculated and the mean ± standard error of the mean from two independent experiments are shown (n = 31 to 57). There was a significant decrease in the number of melanocytes following injection with xCdc4ΔFbox when compared to GFP or xCdc4 (***P << 0.0001), and a smaller decrease following injection with xCdc4 when compared to injection with GFP (*P < 0.01).

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