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Figure 2

From: Axon and dendrite geography predict the specificity of synaptic connections in a functioning spinal cord network

Figure 2

Recording synaptic connections. (a-c) RB sensory neuron excites an aIN: (a) side view of the isolated brain and spinal cord to show the location of both neurons and their axons; (b) anatomy of recorded neurons with possible synaptic contacts from RB axons onto aIN (arrowheads); (c) injection of current into RB evokes an action potential that leads to a short latency EPSP in the aIN (five traces overlapped). (d-f) RB excites a cIN: (d) location and (e) anatomy of RB and cIN pair; (f) current evoked RB action potentials lead to EPSPs (five traces overlapped) blocked reversibly by glutamate antagonists D-AP5 (25 μ M) + NBQX (2.5 μ M). (g) Current evoking an action potential in a dla produces short latency excitation (EPSPs) in a dlc (four traces overlapped).

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