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Figure 5

From: Lola regulates Drosophila olfactory projection neuron identity and targeting specificity

Figure 5

Effects of overexpressing different lola isoforms on dendritic and axonal phenotypes. Representative confocal images of (a) control and (b-f) Gal4-GH146 MARCM overexpression phenotypes in vNB (1), DL1 (2) and DL1 axon (3). UAS-lola A (b) overexpression shows little defects, whereas UAS-lola L (c) and UAS-lola T (d-f) show defects in most classes of PNs. The effect of UAS-lola T (d-f) expression increases with increasing temperature. anti-CD8::GFP in green, anti-nc82 neuropil in magenta. Scale bar, 20 μm. Blue circles demark a loss of correct targeting, while yellow arrows demark off-target innervation or branching. (g) Quantification of vNB targeting phenotypes. Data are presented as percentage of observed clones that innervate a given target. Overexpression of UAS-lola T at 25°C or 29°C results in a decrease in DA1 targeting and an increase in ectopic dendritic extensions to the SOG. (h, i) Quantification of DL1 phenotypes. Dendrite defects are quantified (h) by percent of clones that fail to target DL1 and those that target DL1 but have additional dendrite extensions and ectopic innervations in the AL. Axon defects (i) are quantified as in Figure 3.

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