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Figure 2

From: Lola regulates Drosophila olfactory projection neuron identity and targeting specificity

Figure 2

Dendritic targeting defects in lola-/- MARCM clones. Representative confocal images of (a) wild-type control and (b) lola-/- anterodorsal (1), lateral (2), or ventral (3) MARCM neuroblast (NB) clones or DL1 single cell (SC) clones (4) labeled with Gal4-GH146, and anterodorsal (5) and lateral (6) neuroblast clones labeled with Gal4-Mz19. Blue arrows and circles demark a loss of correct targeting, while yellow arrows and circles demark off-target innervation. Both anterodorsal and ventral lola-/-clones have ectopic dendritic extensions to the suboesophageal ganglion (SOG). anti-CD8::GFP in green, anti-nc82 neuropil in magenta. Scale bar, 20 μm. (c 1 ) Normal targets of Gal4-GH146 in anterior, middle and posterior sections of the AL. Red denotes dorsal target, blue denotes lateral target, and green denotes ventral target. (c 2 ) Quantification of adNB, lNB, vNB and DL1 clone phenotypes. The percentage of clones targeting a particular glomerulus is denoted on the Y-axis, while individual glomeruli are listed on the X-axis and grouped according to lineage by color as in (c1). Glomeruli in orange are not normally targeted by Gal4-GH146 positive PNs by heatshocking at 24 h ALH. Control clone innervation is denoted by colored bars corresponding to lineage, and lola-/- clone innervation is denoted by black bars. Note the decrease of correct targeting and increase of off-target innervation in lola-/- brains for all clone types. Additionally, the final 'diffuse' bar quantifies the number of brains that exhibit diffuse and wandering dendrites that fail to specifically innervate glomeruli.

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