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Figure 5 | Neural Development

Figure 5

From: Zac1 functions through TGFβIIto negatively regulate cell number in the developing retina

Figure 5

Zac1 inhibits cell division and rod fate specification. (a-f) P0 retinae electroporated with pCIG2 control (a-c,e) or pCIG2-Zac1 (d,f) cultured 1DIV. GFP+ electroporated cells (green (a-f)) labeled with anti-BrdU (red (c,d)) and anti-ac-3 (red (e,f)). Blue in (b) is DAPI counterstain. (g) Percentage of GFP+ cells that incorporated BrdU after electroporation of pCIG2 (black bar; E15.5→1DIV: 88 BrdU/GFP double+/542 GFP+; P0→1DIV: 124 BrdU/GFP double+/1,784 GFP+) and pCIG2-Zac1 (white bar; E15.5→1DIV: 24 BrdU/GFP double+/290 GFP+; P0→1DIV: 14 BrdU/GFP double+/816 GFP+). (h) Percentage of GFP+ cells that expressed ac-3 in P0→1DIV retinae electroporated with pCIG2 (black bar; 157 ac-3/GFP double+/5,402 GFP+) and pCIG2-Zac1 (white bar; 97 ac-3/GFP double+/1,808 GFP+). (i-r) P0→8DIV retinae electroporated with pCIG2 (i-k,m,o,q) or pCIG2-Zac1 (l,n,p,r). GFP+ electorporated cells (green (i-r)) co-labeled with Pax6 (red; amacrine cells (j-l)), rhodopsin (red; rods (m,n)), Chx10 (red; bipolar (o,p)) and p27Kip1 (red; Müller glia (q,r)). (s) Percentage of GFP+ cells expressing cell-type specific markers post-electroporation of pCIG2 (black bar; 290 Pax6/GFP double+/3,939 GFP+; 81 syntaxin/GFP double+/552 GFP+; 955 rhodopsin/GFP double+/1,751 GFP+; 384 Nr2e3/GFP double+/1,261 GFP+; 279 Chx10/GFP double+/3,146 GFP+; 520 p27/GFP double+/3,846 GFP+) or pCIG2-Zac1 (white bar; 140 Pax6/GFP double+/1,284 GFP+; 83 syntaxin/GFP double+/376 GFP+; 56 rhodopsin/GFP double+/356 GFP+; 131 Nr2e3/GFP double+/816 GFP+; 263 Chx10/GFP double+/1,455 GFP+; 541 p27/GFP double+/1,888 GFP+). Arrowheads mark double+ cells. le, lens; Rho, Rhodopsin; Syn, Syntaxin.

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