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Figure 9

From: Second-order projection from the posterior lateral line in the early zebrafish brain

Figure 9

Patterns of second-order projection in islet-GFP embryos. The position of injection was assessed in relation to the rhombomere-specific motor nuclei and was independently evaluated for the position of the commissures (column 1) and of the focus of DiI (column 2). Columns 3 to 5 show the strength of the various ipsilateral branches of the projection; columns 6 to 9 correspond to the contralateral branches. The presence of the various projections has been color-coded; the intensity of the color reflects the strength of the branch: weak, moderate or strong. Note that column 6 corresponds to two overlapping components, one that is typical of the anterior pattern (AM, green) and one that is typical of the posterior pattern (PM, red; see text). Column 9 (cLLn) shows labeling of the contralateral synaptic field and presence of contralateral cell bodies, column 10 (ALL) indicates labeling of nerves of the (ipsilateral) anterior lateral line, and column 11 assesses the overall quality of the preparation. In addition to these 25 preparations, 2 were of low quality but displayed characteristic patterns: LT and PM for an injection in r5 and LT and AL for an injection in r3. Two other preparations did not display any of the components listed in Figure 9 nor did they show commissural labeling, suggesting that the injection site must have been slightly out of the PLL synaptic field.

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