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Figure 17

From: Second-order projection from the posterior lateral line in the early zebrafish brain

Figure 17

Summary of the various branches described in this paper and of their putative origins and targets. Contralateral projections within the hindbrain have been omitted for clarity. The various projections have been color-coded as in Figure 9. Uncertainties over the target regions are described in the results. M2: migrated portion of the posterior tuberculum (will give rise to the preglomerular nucleus, a major target of the third-order pLL projection in fish). PT: posterior tuberculum, the major diencephalic center in fish. TE: thalamic eminence, the putative origin of the entopeduncular complex (a major target of third order PLL projection in amphibians). Rhombomeres r3 and r4 are shown to send only a LT (yellow) branch; the data presented in Figure 9 suggest that they also send AM and/or AL (green) branches but to a minor extent.

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