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Figure 5

From: The homeobox transcription factor Even-skipped regulates acquisition of electrical properties in Drosophila neurons

Figure 5

Overview of identified Eve target genes. Unbiased GO annotation overrepresentation analysis of genes near Eve binding sites was performed using GOToolbox [28]. Shown are GO annotation classes that are overrepresented, relative to the annotated genes in the genome, in the list of 819 annotated Eve target genes. Bars represent fold enrichment of the frequency of a class of genes in the list of Eve targets compared to that expected at random. The color of the bar represents the Bonferroni-corrected p-value, indicating the significance of the overrepresentation. A minimum of a 2.5-fold enrichment with a significance level of p < 1 × 10-5 yields a total of 24 overrepresented classes of genes. Eve was previously thought to be involved in nervous system development (blue) and heart development, thereby validating the DamID methodology. The unexpected class of overrepresented genes, such as sphingolipid metabolism, may identify previously uncharacterized roles for Eve.

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