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Figure 2

From: The homeobox transcription factor Even-skipped regulates acquisition of electrical properties in Drosophila neurons

Figure 2

Over-expression of eve increases membrane excitability. (A) APs can be evoked in aCC/RP2 by injection of constant current (10 pA/500 ms, indicated by bar). The number of APs fired by aCC/RP2, from a maintained membrane potential of -60 mV, is significantly greater following over-expression of eve. (B) The average number of APs fired due to injection of constant current (10 pA/500 ms) in control (RN2-O GAL4/+), over-expression of eve or addition of ChTx (200 nM). All values are mean ± SE, n ≥ 8, *p ≤ 0.05.

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