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Figure 3

From: Polarization and orientation of retinal ganglion cells in vivo

Figure 3

Analysis of the retraction of the apical process. The graphs show the length of the differentiating retinal ganglion cells from the start until the completion of the retraction of the apical process in 25 cells followed by time-lapse in vivo (four-dimensional), in seven different embryos. Each color represents cells from the same embryo. The time of axon outgrowth is indicated, when known, as a green line (when the line is outside the graph it indicates only that axonogenesis happened before apical retraction started; it does not show the length of the delay). 'BP' indicates the cells whose axon was formed from a visible basal process. We did not find any obvious correlation between the patterns of apical retraction and the time of axon growth initiation or the presence of a basal process when forming the axon.

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